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    Thread: Public sex

    1. #81
      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

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      Nov 2016
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      My public experiences:

      1. Cars
        1. My ex-gf loved to blow my dick whenever I drove us home after a romantic dinner, a few times it would be so good that I would cum in her mouth (she always swallowed); other times, it would just make me super horny for when we finally got back to my place.
        2. One of my MILF FB – She was blowing me good as I drove us back from a seafood dinner along a dark kampong road. She wanted to ride me as I drove but there was too much traffic around. I quickly parked at a dark spot not far from some kampong houses. She climbed on top, inserted my dick into her pussy, and rode me. She was so wet. I was so excited that I soon creampied her.
        3. Xmas Eve on a cold English night. Drove my European FB around this sleepy village as she blew me. Stopped on a dark country road, backed up into a farm entrance. Faced a farmer’s house (lights on but didn’t see anyone there). Engine off, and all lights off. She climbed on top and rode me. As the clock showed midnight just as I creampied her, I wished her Merry Xmas. She burst out laughing.
        4. One of my FBs was giving me a nice blowjob as I drove her car down a very quiet road in her hometown. She wanted to ride me. I stopped to allow her to climb on top of me and insert me raw into her pussy. I continued driving as she CG’ed me. She was so wet, she got so excited that she came within 2 minutes. She had no strength after orgasm to ride me again, so I drove and parked the car in front of her house. Got into the back seat and fucked her face to face. She orgasmed when I creampied her. I was so excited that my load was extra volume. Big mess to clean up afterwards lol.
        5. Long time ago, I had a CKT FL, pretty 20yo named Kris. She used to blow me as I drove whenever I picked her up for an overnight. One night we went to this new housing estate (partially completed). I capped myself and she then climbed on top and rode me as I drove us around the empty lots. She was so excited she wanted to do me raw but I insisted to keep the condom on. Finally, I let her take the condom off and blow me till I CIM her.
        6. In my life, I think I’ve had blowjobs while driving from just under 50 girls
      2. Balconies
        1. Done it in several countries with various girls – hotel balconies mostly
        2. My favourite was once on a 5-star hotel balcony, with a SG CKT FL, fully dressed, with just the back of her skirt pushed up, and my pants unzipped. I was just holding her from behind like how you might hug a GF lovingly. All the while I was slowly moving my cock in and out of her pussy, in the raw :p And all the while there was a European tourist lady a few rooms away standing on her balcony looking around. She definitely knew we were there, but maybe didn’t realize we were fucking.
      3. Staircases
        1. Once I was with my favourite English escort (also the top escort in London at the time). We came back from dinner, and was climbing the “private” staircase to my suite (it only led to my suite, but door to staircase can’t be locked). We got horny and did it there and then. Several positions before I creampied her pussy in reverse CG, as I sat on the staircase.
        2. Another time on the same staircase, I had an overnight with a Thai escort. She was wearing a super sexy bareback dress. She had nicely enhanced boobs, and was bra-less. She also had HJ’ed me (under my strategically placed jacket) during the taxi ride from the restaurant. We were returning to my suite where 2 more Thai escorts would be joining us for a foursome. It was too much to take, so I took her there and then at the staircase. Took her raw, and the added excitement that the other 2 girls could just walk in and catch us doing it raw was incredible. Creampied her there. We got back into the room and cleaned up just in time as the other 2 girls knocked on the door.
      4. Toilets
        1. Did it with an ex-GF in an airport hotel toilet. Was busy dogging her when people came into the toilet. Had to keep real quiet. I was still inside her so I continued to pump. She had a tough time keeping quiet, heh. She hadn’t taken the pill that day so I CIMed her. She swallowed the lot.
        2. During my ex-colleague’s wedding at a hotel, I snuck off with my GF at the time (different GF) to the handicap toilet. Did her in her expensive Versace dress. Decided a creampie would be messy and it was an expensive dress, so I CIM and she swallowed it all. Some of the other dinner guests saved portions of 2 courses for us, and my GF cheekily replied that she already ate.
      5. Aircraft
        1. During a long intercontinental flight when everyone was sleeping, I went into the toilet with a girl who was travelling with me. She gave me a quick BBBJ and I fucked her from behind for about a minute before we got too nervous, and left the toilet.
      6. Trains
        1. Took an overnight train with my GF at the time and booked a private first class cabin. Before the train even left the station, we were fucking like rabbits till I creampied her.
        2. An overnight train in Europe with my FB – started fucking on the tiny bed in the dark as the countryside whizzed by, pulled out to cum on her belly (what I usually do with her as she wasn’t on the pill), but she begged me to put it back inside. I was so turned on that I did just that, and finished cumming inside her pussy.
        3. Had 2 more overnight train encounters, with 2 different European FBs.
      7. Offices
        1. An old GF contacted me after many years. She was married but angry at her husband for cheating on her. She came to my office just before lunchtime (we were meeting for lunch). Everyone outside had left for a staff farewell lunch (I was supposed to show face there later). She told me she wanted revenge on her husband and wanted me to fuck her. I was shocked, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. She wasn’t sure when would be a good time to do it. I asked how about now? She said ok. So we did it right then in my office (blinds closed and door locked). Didn’t have condoms with us so we did it raw and I creampied her on my desk. A week later she came back for round 2 (after office hours). Then round 3, 4, 5, 6… Each time she wanted it in my office. LOL.
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      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

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      Aug 2016
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      Nice sharing.

    3. #83
      Feel like having NL if you
      know what I mean
      I am:

      Join Date
      Aug 2011
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      Quote Originally Posted by Soraxx View Post
      Anyone can share their public sex activity?
      Ah I have a story to share.

      It was back in my uni days, I went to Melbourne study alone as most of my course mate decided to finish it local instead oversea, so went there met new friends, it was one of the guy birthday and we all went dinner then clubbing, then met up another couple (Indonesia Chinese) there.

      Then party like no more tomorrow, shots, cocktails, jaggerbomb, then all of sudden the couple has some argument as I can tell the girl looks quite piss and black face, I was seating at the table (the rest went down dance floor dancing) drinking and she walk towards me, then I pour her drinks and say:"come, cheer up!"

      Then we drink, talk, laugh while the bf was standing at the corner, then she tarik my hand and ask me go dance, I say why not, here's the juicy part, we were dancing and then she start to grind me when the DJ and in-house rapper dropping dope beats, everyone facing them while she continue to grind me, damn I became hard, she noticed it, then her face turn back in a very erotic way, and whisper to me, let's go to the toilet.

      I was hot at the time... But the bf was there! I ask her sure or not? She said yeah let's go, I am wet af! Then she tarik my hand again and we go towards to toilet while the bf staring at me from far. We went in Men toilet and then start screwing, first we DFK each other like long lost lover, then I suck her cute perky tits, she was moaning softly to my ear and when I take her underwear off, it was fucking wet! I sniff it, and ask her bend over, then pull out my hard cock and cucuk, we did doggie then cowgirl then reverse cowgirl and cum inside her, after I cummed she bent down and lick me off and ask another round, why not? Then I fuck her again in cowgirl while DFK non stop, and cummed inside!

      Afterwards,we clean up in the toilet, then walk out like nobody business, saw boyfriend black face waiting us outside at the toilet, I was like oh fuck I gonna get whack! Before he talks to me I excuse myself, run outside the club, run to the next alley, called my friend who stay in city (I was staying at outside city suburbs, being poor student no money to take taxi and no uber back in 8years ago) to crash at her place, then and to my friend telling him not feeling well and I go off first.

      That's my first public sex and worst thing is that I don't even know the couple names! And after that night I never seen them hanging out with my friend juga...

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      alpha128 signing off!

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      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

      Join Date
      Feb 2017
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      This is my first time posting a FR so I may not be all that good, so.... Sorry beforehand!

      It was just last October 2016 in which I was travelling with my parents and my friend's parents in the UK.
      During that time, I was finding some work after graduated in Ireland and they were coming for my graduation on November, so they thought might as well travel some countries before coming back to Malaysia.
      We met on different times as I flew from Ireland and they from Malaysia while I was also in last minute for the preparations, staying at different places (in a hostel).
      After each day of having fun with them till night, I would always ride back to my place, in which also conveniently in a place where street hookers are quite famous for. That place is in London, just near Paddington Station. [can pm for the place]

      I stayed there for 3 nights and so my story begins....

      I was quite intrigue by the so called 'London Streetwalkers' as I haven't met them before and since I just hit 21, I thought might as well see my luck and maybe will experience it at least once right?

      On my first night, I went there quite early, 7pm to be exact, and I went around looking for them while also exploring the nearby areas since I was staying here anyway. However, no luck in finding them and since having fun and walking so long, tired also, so just gave up and went back to sleep earlier.

      On my second night, I tried my luck again, determined to finally tried a lady, bobi on later time, this time is 10.15pm. This time, gradual luck appeared, went around the area and found 1 Pinoy, not bad looking. Was nervous at first since I don't know the 'local ways of negotiation' as I am quite afraid I would get caught and sent to the police and may end up getting an earfull if my parents found out. The price was quite steep at 110 pounds per hour, in which also need to include another 30 pounds to open a room (since I was staying at a dorm with strangers). So, I told her I would think about it.

      Later on, saw another one, this time i think is a Latino, around 30 ish, a little old for my taste. But, since was quite horny, asked her on how much was it. She quoted me on 60 pounds unlimited time until orgasm, I was quite tempted to do it since the price is so low and I asked her maybe for 50 and she agreed. But the catch is that, I would go to a nearby parking lot to do the deed. The scary and nervous me, once heard about it, told her some excuses to pardon myself. Haizzz, another wasted opportunity.

      On my last night there, I am so goddamn tired from all the fun, and frustrated with not having been PCC for quite a few days (minimum 2/day for me). So, this time I was quite determined to get my first experience in London. I went to another place called Edgware Road this time first on around 11pm onwards. Went around the place in the big open road, but you can see some ladies wearing a bit more makeup than others and will keep on the look out for people. [The way to interact with Streetwalkers are:look into their eyes when they see you, wink your eye, and then slowly approach her to nego 'the deed']. Saw a slight chubby blond but is a BBW, so asked her out. She quoted me 100 pounds + 50 pounds for room. Quietly rejected her since was over my budget. Went around and mongering but all prices are quite steep in this area.

      After disappointments, went back to the place to try my luck. Went there roaming around and saw 3 young latino (since is italian/spanish). 1 girl went as far as to run across the street and confronted me, saying: "I'm so horny, I want your dick, let's hurry". I was quite dumbfounded, quite an aggressive girl but she looks young and cute. So, I did nego with her on how much. She quoted 60 pounds unlimited time 1 shot, also in public place. Since I was determined, I tried to monger around other potentials as well, so declined first. Went around and saw some came out, since today I was later than my previous attempts, either is too high or not as pretty as her [saw the older latino again and even shouted me to go to her, but I ignored her].

      Finally went back and nego with the young latino, bargained until I got 50 pounds. So, we went to the underground basement in front of the rows of houses, under there and started our thing.
      I started out with touching her petite body, and she slowly took my Bro out without a hitch. She BBBJ me for a while and I was on the verge of orgasm (since haven't masturbated). I hold my ground and then she let me do her doggy style and put on CD. Her pussy was quite nice and tight and it was not too long that I orgasm inside the CD [Fuck, there goes my first speedy* experience]. She cleaned herself with a tissue and also helped me cleaned abit before she ran off like hell as she said we might get spotted by the house owner. I quickly tidied up and walked away and I didin't saw her shadow again.

      Well, with that said, eventhough I am quite disappointed with myself since I climaxed too quickly, but the thrill of it still lingers behind and I hope that I may* experience that kind of thing again in the future [Until I found a loving GF myself].

      I will highly recommend to all the members here to not missed the opportunity, but beware some hot times in which there will be police raid that they will catch you and take you to Balai since it is technically illegal in UK. Well, Have fun!

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      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

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      Mar 2017
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      Quote Originally Posted by jeffyhandsomekl View Post
      I have heard of this slutty NL working in a bus company as ticketing clerk.Heard one of my friend mentioned that she is very open minded and most important of all, she got a body of devil and a 40 c knocker.Last month i tried my luck by purposely went to the place she worked and pretend to ask about bus ticket ..etc.I was so lucky that she was at the counter. No tudung, slutty look and her dress can hardly cover up her peaks.

      I started off with cracking some jokes with her so that she become less defensive and later on hinted her that we could come out some time for tea and exchange phone numbers.At evening about 10.30 pm , i received a text with her asking me to give her a lift since her abang has something on and could not made it. I knew it is green light for me, and bingo when i arrived the place she worked, counter already closed and she asked me entered her 10 x 10 ticketing office and action begins.

      She was hungry as wolf and dfk me immediately after door closed. Slurpy blow job, lots of heavy petting and really steamy sex in the high humidity room.Start off with standing doggies, missionary on the floor, half lotus and finished off in banging her on her ticketing table.

      The best part is when we were bonking can still hear passenger talking and sounds of buses in and out.She had to hold her moan so that not discover by others, the estacy and excitement of bonking in bus ticket office is my very first time, and simply priceless. After shoot off my load , gave her some money. She was happy and told me will do it some other time at different place coz this bitch loves public sex a lot !!!
      Damn man. Where's the bus station

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      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

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      May 2017
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      My only public sex is in the car. All my ex gf also kena in my car.

      During college time where got money to cheong or book Hotel 1. Drive father's car go small genting in cheras (kl people sure know) park at roadside dfk and bj only.
      2. Drive father's car go genting highland park at secluded area. Dfk bj n fj.

      This is my only public sex. Nothing special.

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      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

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      Jun 2015
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      Sex with a fb at KLIA Airport had to drive around looking for a area where there was not too many car park around.
      Sex with a white fb jumping on my dick as I was driving her home from dinner only 10min away from her house

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      What's in your mind?
      I am:
      How are you today?

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      Jun 2017
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      Book Agoda Hotel Through
      DPF and you will get 5%
      reimburse discount
      Click here to book or search below

      public sex can be quite risky but got that adrenaline man
      bad part is inside car and kena catch by police lols


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